Top Vegetables to Grow in Your Garden or Allotment This Winter

When I first started to grow vegetables, I would often just stop as soon as Autumn started to end, I niavely thought nothing would grow during winter, actually the opposite is true. A lot grows in winter, you just have to think about what sort of things go in winter meals, like Christmas Dinner, Hot pots and Stews, to figure out there are a fair veg delicious vegetables to be grown.

Heres a short list of some of my favourite vegetables to plant during the winter months:

1: Carrot Vegetable Seeds

These are a mainstay in most allotments. Despite what most think, carrots are actually fairly easy to grow and require little effort beyond 'thinning out'. To avoid thinning your carrots, simply plant the seeds further apart. Effectively mitigating any competition between the growing carrots. You'll know when they're too close, because when you come to pull your carrots up, they'll be smaller and some will have merged or 'crossed' into one thicker carrot.


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2: Parnsip Vegetable Seeds

Parsnip Vegetable Seeds

Parsnips aren't that far off from carrots and actually the advice on how to grow them is virtually the same. They have the same growing habbit as carrots and so planting them too close together will hinder your harvest potential.

Parsnips can be grown in borders, raised planters or beds and pots (providing they're at least 30-40cm deep).

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3: Turnip Vegetable Seeds

Turnip Vegetable Seeds to Grow at Home

Turnips are fast growing and easy to look after. Relatively pest free, as a lot of the action is below soil. These can be planted in stages to allow a constant supply throughout the majority of the year. Just keep in mind that during the summer months, they will need to be kept well watered, otherwise they may not grow as strong and could bolt.

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4: Broccoli Vegetable Seeds

Broccoli Vegetable Seeds

Broccoli is a winter favourite, it's hardy and easy to grow and goes great with sunday roasts, hot pots and even Christmas Dinner.

It's available in both your standard green variety and also a rather exciting purple variety. They're both as easy to grow, but the purple variety will be sure to add some excitement to your meals during the colder and more dreary months.



5: Aubergine Vegetable Seeds

Aubergine Seeds

Weirdly, now is the time to start sowing your Aubergines for next season. These aren't a winter vegetable like the others on the list, so you'll need to make sure you're sowing them under glass and kept above 10c. Planting them during the later winter months, December - February, means they get a good start and will be ready to harvest during the summer. This is more of an investment than a quick growing win.