What Can You Grow On A Balcony?

Growing on a balcony

Limited space doesn't have to mean limited growing potential.

You can actually grow alot on a balcony. Providing you can provide the plants with sunlight, nutrients and water you'll be able to grow most vegetables. Tomatoes, Courgettes, Chillis, Pepers and Aubergines for example can all be grown from grow bags (essentially, they're just bags of nutrient rich soil).

Peas, French beans etc. can all be grown up and around the ballistrade of your balcony. Rhubarb and Chard need very little in the way of space, and can easily be grown in pots.

They key to growing vegetables on your balcony is maximising your space. Grow things up walls, buy wall planters for smaller veg or varities, such as trailing tomatoes and Chillis.

If your balcony is covered, or your growing alot of your veg in pots or raised planter, remember to water them, even if its been raining. As the foliage will prevent rain from getting to the soil and pots and planters dry out faster than borders.

Our Top Pick Vegetables to grow on your balcony


Organic Chives

Chives are a perenial plant and can easily be kept in pots. They attract bees and butterflys in their droves, thanks to their large and beautiful purply pink flower pads.

To harvest, simply cut the stems as required, the plant will continue to grow. Fertilise with something like a natural sea weed fertiliser mix.

Roma Tomatoes


 Don't be tempted to plant all of the seeds, you'll likely only have the room for one or two tomato plants. These grow quite large but can happily live in a grow bag on the floor. Be prepared to stake them with supports as they can get unwildly. But they will reward you with a bounty of delicious tomatos.


Lettuce is one of the easiest veg to grow on a balcony, it requires very little space, and can be grown in pots. You will need to water these frequently though and fertilise with a natural sea weed fertiliser mix. Pick the larger mature leaves as and when required and the plant will continue to grow.