Pea / Mangetout - Carouby de Maussane - Vegetable Seeds

Mangetout / Peas / seeds (Approx 15) in a hand sealed kraft envelope.

High yielding crop, fast growing with a deliciously sweet taste, you won’t want shop bought Peas again after tasting these.

What’s more, the flowers are a beautiful purple colour fading to lighter hues to the tips of the petal, attracting Bees and Butterflys.

These can grow upto two meters tall. If space is limited, bend shoots back on them selves to create a bushier growth and trim back any future northward shoots to keep it under control. Otherwise, allow to wonder and climb across your trellis or balcony freely for a beautiful plant.

When To Sow - When To Harvest


Growing Tips:

To ensure the highest rate of germination and to account for the unpredictable British weather, grow these indoors on a warm sun soaked window cill or inside a greenhouse in early spring. Once the seedlings are large enough, you can then begin to plant these into pots. If the weather allows, you could also plant directly into your vegetable plot. Alternatively, pot into a 5-8cm pot and keep on your window cill and pick/ harvest as required.

Keep well watered if planting indoors, but do not allow for the soil to become consistently soaked. This can cause mould, hinder root development and be detremental to the plants health.

Note: images for illustrative purposes only, variety and type may differ from those photographed, as well as soil conditions and weather can all impact on growth or harvest expectations.