Beetroot - Detroit - Organic Vegetable Seeds


Beetroot - Detroit - Organic Vegetable Seeds (Approx 50) in a hand sealed kraft envelope.

Beetroot Detroit is a high yield and easy to grow variety, earning it a place in the hearts of many growers becoming a veg plot mainstay. With a wonderful deep rouge root and flesh to match its delicious taste, it's a rather striking vegetable both in the ground and on your plate.

When To Sow - When to Harvest


Growing Tips:

Beetroot Detroit is best grown in beds or deep planters. To have an almost year round supply, split your seeds into half. Plant the first 'crop' in late Feb to early March and then to your main crop can be planted during late spring to early summer. Your first crop will mature and be ready for harvest during early summer and your secondary or main crop will be ready to harvest from late summer, right up to December.

To ensure your seeds germinate with the best success, it's always recommended to plant these up into seed trays or biodegradable pots first. You can plant your Beetroot seeds direct into the ground as they are a hardy variety. However, planting into trays or pots first is especially helpful if you have a green house or polytunnel to store them in during the colder months. This will enable you to establish your seedlings faster.

Note: Images for illustrative purposes only, variety and type may differ from those photographed, as well as soil conditions and weather can all impact on growth or harvest expectations.