About us

Who we are:

SeedSloth is a small, independently owned and run business based in the English countryside. We specialise in high quality vegetable and flower seeds. A mix of organic, non organic, open pollinated and commercially grown seeds.

Created in 2019, by Danny with the 'not so helpful' support of his dog Teddy, the adventures of SeedSloth began. With a mission to do things differently, to be better than not only the existing offering, but to do better for the environment both nationally and locally. We wanted to help your garden flourish whilst also helping the humble Bumble Bee thrive.

Why buy from us?

We specifically choose flowers and vegetables that are proven to be high yield. This means your allotment or garden will be crammed with plenty of plants and interest throughout the year. Our flower range has also been selected to help Bumble Bees and other nectar loving wildlife thrive in your garden.

We go that extra mile, without the extra CO2.

Our products are natural and green and therefore our service and packaging had to match. We’ve sourced all of our packing from sustainable sources. We use plastic free postal packaging that’s 100% recyclable. Our padded envelopes don’t use bubble wrap, instead it’s 100% recycled paper fibre. This means your seeds arrive safe and snug, with zero waste or plastic.

Our product packaging is also plastic free, some of our products are made from recycled materials, some are even compostable! What’s more, we carbon offset all of our deliveries, so even the elements we can’t control, we’ve tried our hardest to ensure we look after our environment responsibly.

This means you can shop with peace of mind and a clear conscience. We only have one earth, let’s look after it.