Carbon Offsetting your deliveries

Small Business, with big Green Ambitions

We use carbon offsetting to counter the Co2 emissions from your orders. This money is donated to the Jari Para Conservation Project to help protect the Brazilian Rain Forest from deforestation.

Helping to reduce your carbon footprint & save the rain forest with every order.

With every order you place through, we donate to the Jari Para Forest Conservation project in Brazil. This offsets any carbon emissions that our orders would generate. It also helps to prevent the continued loss of the worlds Rain Forests. Helping to save thousands of species from extinction and help the world breath fresh clean air.

Plastic FREE Packaging & Recycled

We also try to ensure our product packaging is plastic free where ever possible. Taking extra steps to ensure all of our packaging, leaflets and care guides are made from 100% recycled paper or card. If it's not made from recycled paper or card, then we will always ensure that it can be recycled. So that our products and packaging, don't go to waste.